Me, Myself and My Horses


My Farming Life

I have been living on the farm since I was born. Although I do not know many other walks of life I would not trade it for the world, except maybe my beautiful horses.

We have 5 horses at home; Sandy, Spot, Gandhi, Marble and Tim. They all have their own unusual behaviours and idiosyncrasies. I often get home from work and spend hours around the stables tending to their needs. Brushing, Feeding and Clearing the stables. Often they do not spend much time in the stables and only reside in there in the cooler months.

We also have around 200 head of cattle, chickens, a goat and a few friendly ducks. There is nothing better than being surrounded by the great outdoors and the animals.

I wrote this blog as I find it very helpful to sit and write about my day and I love reading other peoples blogs too. I hope you find this interesting and thank you for visiting my blog.