Purina Ultium: Unlocking Maximum Performance

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Purina Ultium is a highly-researched horse feed formulated to meet the high energy demands of hard-working equine athletes. It contains a Sustained Energy System and Amplify for immediate and sustained performance, as well as Outlast for gastric health and comfort.

With a focus on supporting body condition, performance, and gastric and immune health, Purina Ultium is designed to help horses perform at their best and maintain overall well-being.

Purina Ultium  : Unlocking Maximum Performance

Unlocking Maximum Performance With Purina Ultium

Unlock maximum performance with Purina Ultium, the competition horse feed designed to support gastric health, immune function, and overall performance. Formulated with Outlast® for gastric comfort and calorie-dense energy, Ultium helps horses maintain body condition and achieve their competitive edge.

Purina Ultium: The Competitive Edge

When it comes to unlocking maximum performance, look no further than Purina Ultium. This horse feed is specifically designed to give equine athletes the competitive edge they need to succeed. With its unique formulation and advanced ingredients, Ultium is the top choice for hard-working horses.

Designed For Optimal Performance

Purina Ultium is not your average horse feed. It is carefully formulated to provide optimal nutrition and energy for hard-working equine athletes. The feed is calorie-dense and concentrated, allowing horses to maintain body condition and performance with less sugar and starch. This means that they have the fuel they need to perform at their best without the negative effects of excess sugars and starches.

Additionally, Ultium is enriched with Outlast® technology, which supports gastric health and comfort. Horses facing the stress of training and competition can benefit from this formulation as it helps maintain a healthy digestive system, reducing the risk of gastric ulcers and other gastrointestinal issues.

Supporting Gastric Health And Immune System

Gastric health is of utmost importance for equine athletes. Purina Ultium includes Outlast® to support gastric health and comfort in horses. This unique ingredient helps maintain a healthy pH balance in the stomach, reducing the risk of ulcers and other gastric issues.

In addition to promoting gastric health, Ultium also supports the immune system of your horse. With its carefully selected ingredients, including prebiotic fibers from beet pulp, alfalfa, and soy hulls, Ultium helps maintain gastrointestinal health. A healthy gut means better absorption of nutrients and a stronger immune system, leading to improved overall health and performance.

Ultium: The Top Choice For Hard-working Equine Athletes

When it comes to giving your horse the best nutrition for optimal performance, Purina Ultium is the top choice. Its unique formulation, including calorie-dense energy sources and gastric health support, makes it the preferred feed for hard-working horses and competitive athletes.

With Ultium, you can unlock maximum performance and give your horse the competitive edge they need to succeed in the arena. Don’t settle for average when you can have the best. Choose Purina Ultium and watch your horse thrive.

Where To Find Purina Ultium

You can find Purina Ultium at various retailers and online stores. Here are some options:

Retailer Price (50 pounds)
Chewy.com $48.99
Tractor Supply Company $35.49
Grange Co-op $36.99
shop.purinamills.com $37.00

Ensure to double-check availability and prices as they may vary. Give your horse the best with Purina Ultium and see the difference in their performance.

Purina Ultium  : Unlocking Maximum Performance

Frequently Asked Questions Of Purina Ultium

Is Purina Ultium Low Starch?

Purina Ultium is a low-starch feed formulated with Outlast® for gastric health and calorie-dense energy without excess sugar and starch.

Is Purina Ultium Good For Horses?

Yes, Purina Ultium is good for horses. It offers concentrated energy and supports gastric and immune health with less sugar and starch. It provides the calories needed for body condition and performance in smaller meals, making it a beneficial choice for equine athletes.

What Is Ultium Horse Feed?

Ultium horse feed is a high-energy formula designed to support a horse’s performance and body condition with less sugar and starch. It also promotes gastric and immune health, making it suitable for hard-working equine athletes. It contains prebiotic fibers to support gastrointestinal health.

What Is The Best Gastric Feed For Horses?

The best gastric feed for horses is Spillers Ulca Fibre, specifically designed to support horses prone to gastric ulcers. It has low starch, high oil content, and natural buffer for stomach acid.


Elevate your horse’s performance with Purina Ultium, a premium choice that powers your equestrian journey. Its cutting-edge formula, focusing on conditioning and energy, resonates with competitive riders seeking outstanding results. Trust in Purina Ultium for optimal gastric health, immunity support, and top-notch performance.

Your winning edge awaits!

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