Waterford Bit: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bit for Your Horse

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The Waterford bit may appear severe, but it’s actually extremely comfortable for most horses due to its flexibility and fluidity in the mouth. Derived from a mouthpiece comprising a series of linked ball-shaped links, the Waterford bit is designed to be exceptionally supple and gentle on the horse’s mouth.

In the realm of equestrian equipment, the Waterford bit has generated ample discussion. Despite its initial intimidating appearance, the Waterford bit is adored for its gentle handling of horses. Its intricate design, featuring a series of rounded ball links, enables it to be extremely flexible and comfortable for the horse.

Despite initial misgivings, it’s gained popularity among riders for its distinct ability to provide a relaxed and stress-free experience for the horse. While it may seem contradictory, the Waterford bit’s initial severity is actually a testament to its gentle nature.

Different Types Of Waterford Bits

The Waterford bit is a popular choice for many equestrians due to its unique design and versatility. There are different types of Waterford bits, each with its own features and benefits. In this section, we’ll explore the various types of Waterford bits, including the Waterford D-Ring Bit, Waterford Full Cheek Bit, Waterford Loose Ring Bit, and Waterford Baucher Bit.

Waterford D-ring Bit

The Waterford D-Ring Bit features a D-shaped ring on either side of the mouthpiece, providing stability and control. This bit is popular for riders who want precise communication with their horses. Its flexible mouthpiece offers gentle yet effective control, making it suitable for a wide range of disciplines.

Waterford Full Cheek Bit

The Waterford Full Cheek Bit is designed with extended cheekpieces that prevent the bit from sliding through the horse’s mouth and provide lateral control. It offers gentle, steady pressure and is often used for young or sensitive horses. The unique Waterford mouthpiece encourages chewing and relaxation, promoting acceptance of the bit.

Waterford Loose Ring Bit

The Waterford Loose Ring Bit consists of a loose ring on each side of the mouthpiece, allowing for independent movement. This promotes relaxation and encourages the horse to accept the contact, making it an excellent choice for horses that tend to lean or rely on the rider’s hand for balance. The dynamic nature of the Waterford mouthpiece encourages salivation and softness in the mouth.

Waterford Baucher Bit

The Waterford Baucher Bit features a unique design with a fixed cheekpiece and a hanging mouthpiece, providing a subtle poll pressure for increased control and elevation. This bit is beneficial for horses that require a steadier connection between the rider’s hand and the horse’s mouth. The Waterford mouthpiece encourages mouthing and relaxation, promoting a softer connection and improved responsiveness.

Popular Brands And Prices

When it comes to finding the right Waterford Bit for your horse, it’s essential to explore popular brands and prices. Various online retailers offer a wide range of options to choose from, catering to different preferences and budgets.


Chewy.com offers an extensive selection of Waterford Bits, with prices starting at an incredibly low $46.95, along with the added benefit of free shipping.

Smartpak Equine

At SmartPak Equine, you can find quality Waterford Bits priced from $162.50.

Farm House Tack Shop

Farm House Tack Shop provides a diverse range of Waterford Bits, with offerings ranging from $186.00 to $292.00.

Dover Saddlery

Dover Saddlery features a variety of Waterford Bits, including the Stübben Steeltec Waterford D-Ring Bit priced at $129.74, as well as options available between $39.99 and $337.95.


Amazon.com, offers a selection of Waterford Bits with prices starting from $26.24 and going up to $292.00, providing diverse options to suit different equestrian needs.

Is A Waterford Bit Harsh?

Waterford bits are commonly seen as harsh due to their unique design. Many riders find the appearance of the Waterford bit to be a deterrent, causing them to explore alternative options.

Perception Vs. Reality

Is a Waterford Bit Harsh?

A common question among equestrians is about the harshness of a Waterford bit. Let’s delve into the perception versus the reality, shedding light on this crucial aspect of horse equipment.

Comfort And Flexibility For Horses

Perception: Some may believe that a Waterford bit is too severe for horses due to its design.

Reality: Contrary to perception, the Waterford bit offers a unique level of comfort and flexibility for horses.

  • Each segment of the Waterford bit moves independently, providing adaptability to the horse’s mouth.
  • The flexibility of the bit allows for better communication between the rider and the horse.

Moreover, the design of the Waterford bit helps in preventing the horse from leaning on the bit or taking control, promoting a more harmonious riding experience.

Benefits Of Using A Waterford Bit

Using a Waterford Bit can provide several benefits for horse riders. This type of bit is designed to address common issues such as leaning and jaw setting, ensuring a more comfortable and effective riding experience. Additionally, the Waterford Bit is known for its ability to distribute pressure evenly, preventing any single area of the horse’s mouth from experiencing excessive force. In this section, we will explore these benefits in more detail and discuss how the Waterford Bit can enhance your equestrian journey.

Combating Common Issues Like Leaning And Jaw Setting

Horses sometimes exhibit behaviors like leaning or setting their jaws, which can cause discomfort and make it difficult to maintain control during rides. The Waterford Bit is specifically designed to address these common issues. Its flexible, multi-jointed mouthpiece discourages the horse from leaning into the bit or locking its jaw. Instead, the bit encourages the horse to soften and relax its jaw, promoting better communication between the rider’s hand and the horse’s mouth.

Distributing Pressure Effectively

One of the key features of the Waterford Bit is its ability to distribute pressure evenly across the horse’s mouth. Unlike traditional bits with a solid mouthpiece, the Waterford Bit consists of multiple links or balls connected together. This construction allows the bit to conform to the horse’s mouth shape, ensuring that no single area experiences excessive pressure. By distributing the pressure effectively, the Waterford Bit promotes a more comfortable and responsive ride, encouraging the horse to work in a balanced and relaxed manner.

Waterford Bit: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bit for Your Horse

Frequently Asked Questions On Waterford Bit

Is A Waterford Bit Harsh?

A Waterford bit may look harsh but is generally comfortable for horses due to its flexibility and fluidity in the mouth.

When Should You Use A Waterford Bit?

A Waterford bit can be used for horses who find traditional bits uncomfortable, as it is totally flexible and bends in every direction, providing more comfort.

What Is The Function Of The Waterford Bit?

The Waterford bit’s function is to be a flexible and comfortable piece for horses. It’s non-restrictive and bends in every direction.

Are Waterford Bits Legal?

Waterford bits are legal for equestrian use. They provide comfort to most horses due to their flexibility and fluidity.


The Waterford bit offers flexibility and comfort for horses, despite its daunting appearance. Its ability to bend in all directions makes it a versatile and gentle option. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced rider, the Waterford bit could be a beneficial choice in your equestrian gear collection.

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